COVID-19 and Travel

The year 2020 will be a defining moment in the history of the tourism and hospitality industry worldwide. The arrival of the novel coronavirus, COVID-19 dealt the industry a vicious blow. It is forecast that due to this pandemic, the number of international tourist arrivals will fall by at least 60-80% in 2020, putting millions of jobs at risk. The industry will recover, but travel will never be the same again.COVID-19 and Travel: impacts, responses and outcomes examines how this crisis unfolded and its devasting impacts on the travel, tourism and hospitality industries. Packed with international case studies, it takes the reader from the very outset of the crisis, how the industry reacted and its message to the market, through to its impacts and a possible future. It examines issues such as:* Why the COVID-19 outbreak and travel were inextricably linked;* How the different sectors of the industry adapted to the crisis;* Crisis communication strategies employed by organizations in response to the crisis;* How travellers were impacted by the crisis;* The social, economic and environmental impacts of the pandemic;* The future of travel after COVID-19.The book has a thorough user-friendly pedagogic structure and is accompanied by a website which contains an instructor’s guide that includes chapter questions and model answers, a test bank, PowerPoint slides for each chapter, and short videos to accompany the cases. The impacts of this pandemic change daily, and the crisis is still fluid. To this end, the book will be updated regularly with online articles that can be found on the book’s website at: have reading for all tourism students, educators, and practitioners all over the world and the ‘go to’ text on the subject of COVID-19 and its impact on travel.