N. Ireland: Giants Causeway, Giants Ring, Ballynoe Circle, Fairies, Couple travel on Ural Motorcycle

A much higher quality than the first upload of this show stopper video from our Mid Life Gap Year in Western Europe 2018/2019.

In this episode from May of 2019 we travel in Northern Ireland under the guidance of some home grown tour guides. The Ballynoe stone circle is incredible and the mystical fairies tree tunnel is lovely to experience on the walk in. The Giant’s Ring Neolithic site has a feeling of tranquility and peace. And the Giant’s Causeway is filled with lore and wonder! Imagine Finn MacCool and Benandonner rampaging over the north channel!

It’s so great to have family who’ve grown up in the area you are travelling. They have the best spots to see and know the best times to got there. Many thanks to cousin’s Ken and Alison for their time and amazing knowledge of the north. Sam and I can’t wait to head back the misty green island and experience more of her beauty and history. Stay tuned as we have a couple more episodes to publish in the coming weeks! Take care and keep on travelling, virtually and vicariously of course! Dan&Sam

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