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Travel between Canada and the United States has been restricted since March 21, to contain the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic. The agreements have since been renewed on a monthly basis. Individuals who are exempt from Canada’s coronavirus travel restrictions include temporary foreign workers, immediate family members of Canadians, and certain international students. But these guidance’s are not very black and white that leave so much room for interpretation.
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced that immediate family members will be able to enter Canada as of June 8, 2020 so long as they meet certain conditions such as coming to Canada for at least 15 days. Since this exemption was announced, the federal government has issued more guidelines to help immediate family enter Canada. But still it was not clear for the families of those who are in Canada temporarily like work visa etc.

Those who are traveling to Canada and are exempt still have to demonstrate that the purpose of their trip is for an essential reason and related to critical infrastructure support, trade, work, study or family reunification. Essential travel is defined as travel which is non-optional and non-discretionary.

I wish the Canadian government be a little more transparent and realize that its very tough for families to be part during this pandemic.


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