Land travel from Manila to Zamboanga during COVID19 GCQ

Hello mga kaDIY eto po ang breakdown ng expenses namin from Manila to Zamboanga Peninsula

Full Tank Taguig to Legazpi : 1,700.00
Toll Gate Autosweep: 525.00
Full Tank @ Legazpi: 1,400.00

Port of Matnog (Sorsogon)
Montenegro Ferry: 1,550.00
PPA: 129.00
Terminal fee: 60.00 (30.00/person)

Port of Lilioan (Leyte)
Fastcat: 3,445.00
Passenger: 300.00 (libre na driver)

Gas-up: 1,000.00

Cagayan de oro
Full tank: 1,570.00

Food Expenses:
Cooked baon for 3 meals x 2pax = 440.00
Coffee: 22.00c(legazpi)
Softdrinks: 25.00 (matnog)
Dinner andoks: 233.00 (leyte)
Drinks: 80.00 (surigao)
Jollibee: 405.00 (ginoog city)
SNR: 314.00 (cagayan de oro)
Jollibee: 229.00

Total gas and fare expenses: 11,679.00
Food expenses: 1,748.00

Tip: bring water, curls, and lutong bahay na baon para mas makatipid..

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