Vantour | young couple travel Europe in there self converted VW LT35

This is the Vantour Video of an awesome VW LT35

— The Story:
We are Will and Leanne, also known as
@the.travelling.bus. We are currently travelling Europe, living full time in our van which we converted ourselves from a VW Minibus, just over a year ago.

We are a creative couple having studied Fine Art and Photography, and couldn’t think of a better way to see the world whilst fuelling our creative interests on the road. Our bus is a VW LT35 MWB, which gives us plenty of space for a double bed and large Kitchen area with plenty of storage all round. We did all the work ourselves, which meant there was a lot of learning to do. But overall, we enjoyed the process along the way! There is no better feeling then getting to live freely in something you’ve made from nothing 🙌

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— The Project:
This Video is a part of our Project which is all about featuring great Vanonversions on both our Instagram and YouTube.
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