Thailand Travel Restrictions: Tourists Can Enter Now

Thailand Officially Reopening for Tourism
0:00 Intro – Thailand Travel Restrictions
0:39 What you get for the Single-Entry Tourist Visa
1:17 Flights to Thailand
1:41 Thai visas NOT permitted to Enter Thailand
1:57 All Options for Foreigners to Enter Thailand
3:32 Single Entry Tourist Visa Requirements | Step 1
4:47 Single Entry Tourist Visa Requirements | Step 2 (Medical Insurance)
6:05 Single Entry Tourist Visa Requirements (At the departure airport) | Step 3
6:52 Single Entry Tourist Visa Requirements (When arriving in Thailand) | Step 4
8:43 Links to Royal Thai Embassy & Consulate

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Thailand reopening to tourists. Starting November 9th, you are allowed to get the Single-Entry Tourist Visa for tourism purposes in the following countries.
USA, UK, Canada, Germany and many others.

Australia had the tourist visa available since October 2020, but most Austrians need permission to travel outside Australia. At least the last time I checked.

I do not have time to search for places like India and other nations, but if Thai immigration allows foreigners to get a Single Entry Tourist Visa for Americans, Brits and even Canadians. Even with their high infection rates.

There is a good chance they will have the same visa available in your country, or you might have to wait a bit until the embassy and consulate in your country get the memo.

Available options for foreigners to enter Thailand

A) Diplomats and officials of international organizations
B) Work permit holders
C) Non-Thai who are going to work in Thailand
D) Family members of Thai nationals (spouse/child/parent)
E) Medical treatment in Thailand
F) Students attending schools and universities in Thailand
G) Non-Thai nationals who have the Residence Permanent Status
H) Non-Thai nationals who are permitted to enter the Kingdom under a special arrangement with a foreign country or have been granted permission by the Prime Minister:
H1 – Thailand long-stay retirement visa (O-A & O-X) and Non-Immigration (Retirement) (90 days)
H2 – Thailand Privilege Cardholder/ Thai Elite Cardholder
H3 – Media production or Filming
I) Tourist (TR)

If you fall into one of the categories on this list, you are eligible to enter.

The most common Thai visas foreigners use are the retirement visa, marriage or family visa, tourist visa and work permit.

However, in this video, we will only be discussing the Single Entry Tourist Visa and its new requirements to obtain it.

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