Venice Travel during covid19 – Drawing VLOG – Part 3

Hi guys!

This is it! The third and final part of my Sketching Venice during the covid19-crisis-vlog! I really hope you will enjoy it. In this final episode its time to say goodbye to the beautiful city of Venezia. This was before anyone knew that the WHO would classify this as a pandemic. Everything happened so fast and me and my husband had to pack our stuff fast and get the f. . . out!

Luckily rarely nothing bad comes without advantages. It was amazing seeing the city without too many tourists and the food – in this episode chicetti – was amazing to try out. We love venice and we will be back some day!

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HOW DID YOU REACT WHEN YOU FOUND OUT THIS WAS GETTING SERIOUS? Do you remember where you were when they announced this on the news?

This vlog is the third and final Part 3 showing how Venice looked the days before Italian PM Conte closed down all of Italy because of covid19. I am drawing myself in a Gondola and myself in a corona virus face mask in the San Marco Polo Airport of Venice. It is my first vlog-series, so I really hope you like it!

I think the covid-19 crisis is really affecting us all. So please #stayhome so we can get rid of #covid-19 #covid19 – Maybe you can learn how to draw using my tutorials here on youtube?

In the next parts of my Venice Vlog I’ll sketch Gondolas and all the other vlogging experiences we had during our stay! Including of course our experiences with the #pandemic

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