Venice Travel during covid19 – Drawing VLOG – Part 1

Hi Guys!

I am sketching my Venice trip during the covid-19 outbreak in Northern Italy! Now that is a vlog you do NOT see often right?

Travelling to the beautiful city of Venice is something I will recommend to everyone. Just stay home if there is a pandemic around the corner!

Keep in mind that we didn’t really know back then that it would get super serious and global in just a couple of weeks. So me and my husband went to celebrate our honeymoon there! And we had a great time while slowly realizing that codvid-19 was going to make this a very special trip…


…I like drawing the beautiful city of Venice I must say, but my thoughts go out to all those dealing with covid-19 or even lost someone close. I hope you will find comfort that I am sketching Venice for you guys!

This vlog is part 1 depicting how Venice looked the days before Italian PM Conte closed down all of Italy. I am drawing the Rialto Bridge, Take away pasta place Bigoi and myself in The Marco Polo Airport. It is my first vlog, so I really hope you like it!

I think the covid-19 crisis is really affecting us all. So please #stayhome so we can get rid of #covid-19 #covid19 – Maybe you can learn how to draw using my tutorials here on youtube?

In the next parts of my Venice Vlog I’ll sketch Gondolas and all the other vlogging experiences we had during our stay! Including of course our experiences with the #pandemic

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