The ‘new luxury’ in Travel & Hospitality Industries post-COVID19 | Michail Toanoglou & Samiha Chemli

One of the most striking characteristics of the luxury sector is that spending is often based not on rational decision-making process and reasoning, but on emotions and feelings. While this unexpected crisis will undoubtedly have a strong impact on societies, it is unlikely to affect the very roots of human nature. After potentially months of austerity and isolation, customers may, indeed, be willing to go back to their lives from before the pandemic and enjoy luxury services including luxury travel, entertainment, food and beverage, and spa services.

Dr. Michail Toanoglou, Head of Department SIHOM at Woosong Universityand Dr. Samiha Chemli, Associate Professor at University of Deusto, discuss about the future of hospitality and tourism sector.

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