Airports, Air Travel and COVID19 – Interview with SITA’s President of Asia Pacific, Sumesh Patel

Founded in 1949, SITA (Société Internationale de Télécommunications Aéronautiques) plays an extremely important part in nearly every single person’s air travel experience. The company offers airports and airlines a wide range of products and services from self-service kiosks at airports, to solutions that can help airlines save costs.

With air travel going through its worst crisis in history, how has SITA been affected and what are airports doing to make the new air travel experience better for everyone?

Those are just two of the questions that Steven Howard of puts to Sumesh Patel, SITA’s President for Asia Pacific, in this interview conducted over Skype on 16 July.

Sumesh tells us how airports are addressing the challenges they face due to the ongoing global COVID19 pandemic and how SITA is helping them to achieve those goals.

We discuss how airports can convert their check-in and baggage-tag kiosks into touchless systems, the challenges biometric facial recognition technologies now have with everyone at airports wearing masks, and what SITA is doing about off-airport services.

We discuss token travel and whether the COVID19 crisis has pushed that goal of SITA’s further away or accelerated its development.

Sumesh also shares his thoughts 5G and whether now is the right time for airports to invest in new technology considering that some airlines have said they do not expect service to return fully to normal until 2023/24 and even 2025. All that and much, much more in the video.


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