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Shannon Airport, in Ireland, has implemented new COVID19 travel safety precautions measures across the airport terminal, to protect travellers and staff. In as much as is possible, the new Covid-19 measures in place, involve a contactless journey through the airport with minimal touchpoints.

So what has the airport done to help protect you?
– Airport staff are trained in COVID19 passenger precautions.
– The airport has installed over 4,000 pieces of COVID19 signage across the terminal building. – Multiple sanitizer dispensers and special hand sanitation stations, along with disinfectant wipes which are located throughout the airport starting at the entry doors.
– In addition to its normal cleaning services, the airport has introduced specialised COVID19 deep cleaning and sanitisation services.
– Protective glass screens have been erected at key customer-facing areas throughout the terminal building including at check-in, all customer service desks, security screening areas, retail and at boarding gates.
– The two-metre social distancing guidelines have been implemented throughout with highly visible floor markings. Te public seating has been reconfigured to ensure social distancing.
– The Public Address System will play reminders to encourage everyone to maintain social distance and practice hygiene guidelines.
– The measures reflect the national COVID19 Health Service Executive (HSE) guidelines and government code of practice guidelines for Air Passengers taking on board the best practice guidelines developed by the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) and the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC).

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