COVID19 TRAVEL TIPS What I WISH I Knew and TIPS for Helping You to Plan Your Trip

I had SO MANY unexpected surprises come up on my first trip post COVID that I wish I would have known. In this video I’m sharing with you TOP TIPS for planning your own trip so you can have fun and be safe and NOT be caught off guard like I was!

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I’m located in South Florida and took a road trip to West Palm Beach during Phase II (restaurants at 50%, social distancing of no groups of more than 10, movies, sports and entertainment not yet open).

The TOP TIPS I share in this video are:
0:00 Introduction
0:44 Travel locally, consider a road trip
2:10 Plan ahead and make reservations
3:27 Consider what type of accommodations you’ll be most comfortable with
4:54 Make sure you pack right!

The Hilton Hotel I stayed at:

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