Music Travel Love – I Will [Official Video]

Thanks for watching our official video for “I Will” live acoustic at Glenwood Canyon!

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Lyrics for I Will:

The nights falling down
The candles are lit
I know your heart’s a little fragile
I’ll be careful with it
I’m not gonna rush you
Girl I never would
I’m good, it’s all good

If you want me to wait on your love
You want me to wait on your lips
You want me to wait just a moment
To get closer than this
Cause we got a night that’s still young
And we got some time to kill
You want me to wait on your darlin’
I will

Tell me a memory
And I’ll tell you one of mine
I’m getting high on something
And girl it ain’t the wine
Feels like I’m falling
And I can’t feel the ground
Tell me baby
What are you feeling now

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