JAMAICA after COVID19. Guest Travel Guide in 2020.

It is safe to travel to Jamaica now, but there are certain rules and regulations you need to follow.
00:00 – Introduction to covid situation in Jamaica
00:32 – Things to do before you travel to Jamaica in 2020
01:34 – Place to stay in Jamaica after COVID-19
03:10 – What to expect at the airport in Jamaica when you arrive (Covid-19 test)
05:53 – How to travel around Jamaica and what’s Covid-19 Resilient Corridor
08:12 – What’s open in Jamaica right now.

16 AUGUST 2020


1. Travel Authorization for Jamaica

2. JamCOVID19 App
on Google Play
on App Store

3. Calypso Villa (Airbnb home, mentioned in the video)

4. Tours with Derrick (mentioned in the video)

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– 1st July to 31 July: from 22 pm to 5 am

– From 10 July 2020: All guests when they arrive go in two different lines: One line is for guests, who are staying in all-inclusive resorts, the other line – for everyone else. It takes the same time to go through any of these lines.

– From 20 July 2020: only guests from Arizona, New York, Florida and Texas are required to upload their COVID19 test results when applying for Travel Authorization. These guests will also be tested when they arrive in Jamaica. Other guests will be tested randomly (this means that you might be tested for covid-19 or might not be tested when you arrive).

– From 15 July 2020: SOUTH COAST is now open for Tourism! Areas from Milk River in Clarendon to Negril are added to the resilience corridor.

– From 21 July 2020: entertainment and parties are allowed, only OUTDOORS and only in designated areas with overall number of people no more than 280 people. Social distancing and masks are required during such events (parties, festivals, religious gatherings etc.)

On the 15th of June 2020 Jamaica has opened up for tourism again after 3 months of quarantine due to covid19. If you want to visit Jamaica, but thinking is it safe to visit Jamaica now – well, this video is specifically designed for you. I’m going to show you what exactly is going on in Jamaica right now, and hopefully this will help travelers to make a better decision.

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