I Tried Full Time Travel As Couple, This Is What Happened (Surprising 3 Years)

I would have never imagined that things would come to the end the way they did. But every end is a new beginning… this is my story – Tah Divertliving.

My name is Tah. I’m from Thailand – most people recognize me as half of Divert Living. 3 short years ago I made a decision that would change the way I live my life in every way – After getting my business degree from Ajou University in South Korea, I returned to Thailand to work for an American finance firm – that was the dream that I have strived for since I was in high school. But for some reason, once it was achieved, it left me feeling unfulfilled and yearning for more. 9 months later, I made the bold decision to quit my job with approximately 4,000 US dollars in my bank account, and I left Thailand to travel…. with my then-boyfriend: Jimmy.

I purchased a one-way ticket to Bali, Indonesia, in late August 2017, navigating through different countries nonstop for over 10 months, it was then that I realized that I never want to stray from this lifestyle – And that is when this story begins.

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