Flying to Australia 2020 – COVID19 Travel with Singapore Airlines

Hi Everyone,

After an up and down journey trying to find flights we were able to secure tickets through Singapore Airlines to fly from Istanbul, Turkey to Brisbane, Australia via Singapore and Sydney.

The flights themselves were longer that expected because of the Azerbaijan/Armenia conflict, but beyond this it was important to remember that flying at this time is different than normal, so leaving additional time and having additional patience was key to the trip.

For more detailed information on procedures when flying, please see our other videos while travelling to Turkey from Canada and from Turkey to Serbia.

We hope this provides some insight for those that wish to fly and if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to connect with us. It’s a different time and there are a multitude of reasons for people to travel. We hope that regardless of how and where you are travelling to at this time that you are safe and stay well.

Much love everyone!

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