Covid19 Travel: Vilnius & Riga

My first international trip just after the lockdown finished was to Vilnius, Lithuania & Riga, Latvia. I have been to both places on numerous occasions but I was really curious to see how these Baltic countries were managing the pandemic. I was also really interested to try international air travel with air Baltic (see the video: At the time I didn’t feel the impact of the covid restrictions in either country – for example no masks were required indoors, it was only a recommendation. While I was visiting, both Lithuania & Latvia were not open to countries with very high COVID-19 infections, so I had a chance to see both places with not many tourists around – it was mostly locals (and some international visitors). Shortly after I arrived in Latvia, I was told that if I had crossed the border a few hours later, I would have had to have self isolate, so I had a chance to see Riga just before they reintroduced much stricter measures towards Polish travellers; which at time of posting this video are still in place.


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