Update Hawaii Travel from Ka’anapali Whaler Alii Condos For Sale

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41 thoughts on “Update Hawaii Travel from Ka’anapali Whaler Alii Condos For Sale

  1. love your work Eric. planning on coming to Maui with wife and 7 year old son when I can. not planning on renting a car though, we drive on the other side!
    which area do you think is the most walkable?? based on my research so far, I am leaning towards Ka’anapali. any thoughts or advice? Mahalo 😉

  2. Poverty is EQUALLY as dangerous as Covid19? Absurd statement! Last I checked being broke isn’t contagious! Depending on how poor you are, you can still live a relatively happy life. You don’t put on a mask to keep other people safe from poverty.

  3. Here is my Wayne Dyer Story: I was at Shops at Wailea probably 35 years ago and my teen daughter walks up with an ice cream cone. I asked where she got it and she pointed to Wayne and said “that man bought it for me.” He waved and smiled.

  4. I'm almost 60 yrs. old and have been lucky enough to have spent most of my life going to the Ka'anapali area of Maui. In fact my dad has slides of when the Whaler was being built in "73 or '74. It's shocking and sad to see Front St. and Whaler's village empty like that. A man made disaster on top of a natural one. I feel for all the locals suffering under the inept leadership in Honolulu.

  5. Keep the videos coming! You're doing a great job! I was in Maui in Feb 2020, and I come back to your channel when I have the urge to go back to Maui. Maui Nō Ka ʻOi.

  6. Wow, when you turned around and shot the Hula Grill, what great memory's. I usually stay at the Westin right next door. O my goodness, I've never seen Wallers Village empty like that. I see they moved Louis Vuitton from the back left side to the front. My other fun and great restaurants are Roy's and Sansei Seafood Restaurant & Sushi Bar. I use to come every year, but do to circumstances, its been about 8 years sense I've been there. Well I guess I should have waited till the end of this video to mention the Westin. It looks like a bomb hit it. Thanks for the memories.

  7. The local people have been very diligent about wearing masks and social distancing, and as a result we have few cases of covid . so please tourists keep up our precautions!!! We love and need our tourists, but if you break the rules, we are on the case. We know everyone on the mainland needs a rest from the madness! Aloha!!!!

  8. I agree with what you said about protecting the population from Covid vs poverty. I've long suspected that if Biden and Harris were to win, their team and the media would soon thereafter reassure Americans they "can go back to work." I do not wish to create the impression I'm blaming the Trump Administration on the long national quarantine. I blame the sick media coupled to the "resistance" movement. I am a Hawaii full-time Hawaii resident that began with timeshares at the Westin Ka'anapali and a house my wife and I own on Molokai. Thanks for your video!

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