Key West Travel Tips: Top Five Activities for Visiting Key West

Key West is filled with options for hotels, restaurants, entertainment and outdoor activities. Chris Kohatsu shares her top five travel tips for visiting Key West: the …


Author: Chris Kohatsu

21 thoughts on “Key West Travel Tips: Top Five Activities for Visiting Key West

  1. Key West: Fury Sunset Cruises, rent a 50cc scooter from Sunshine Scooters on Roosevelt (best service ever!). Two Friends Patio Restaurant is a cool place to hang out (karaoke on Thursdays and Fridays). Amigos Tortilla Bar & Sandy's Laundromat have the BEST cafe con leche (aka coffee with milk). Sandy's is Cuban food, Amigos is Mexican. Amigos also has the biggest breakfast burrito I've ever seen! They also have "The Kitchen Sink" which almost requires 2 people to finish all the food! Walk out to the end of White Street Pier. There is an AIDS memorial at the entrance. It's beautiful! Take a moment with it. The end of the pier is a great place to launch a camera drone! Also…the cheap places to shop are on the TOP side of the island on Roosevelt. There is a Dollar Tree that has groceries and a K-Mart. Ladies…K-Mart has bikini pieces for about $5 a piece and they're cute! If you like pizza, we discovered a place called Big John's Pizzeria on our trip down this year, also on Roosevelt. My hubby is a pizza snob and he loves their pizza!! One last thing…Fort Zachary State Park and Beach. Pay the $5 entry fee (per person), take your snorkel gear and water shoes (finely chewed up shells for the first few feet in the water are a tad painful to walk on), and enjoy the day! They have a concession stand inside the park if you don't want to pack a lunch. It's also a perfect spot for vacation pictures! Happy adventuring, everybody!! I sincerely hope this helps some folks out!! <3

  2. If you just want to do the 'tourist' shit in Key West,watch this video. Otherwise,only Better than Sex makes the list and that's only AFTER Santiago's happy hour from 4-6. Videos like this and the places it features are going to be the death of Old Key West,and really,isn't THAT what you are going for?

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