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Not your ordinary travel blog… whatever that means…Also, all photos on this blog our ours, unless otherwise noted. I truly believe that a photograph is not really a portrait of reality, it’s about the way we remember place.

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Not You Ordinary Travel Blog…Whatever that means…

Misadventures, Drones, Photography, Itineraries, Opinions, Our Two Cents, Videos, The Best & Worst Countries To Travel To If You Have Food Allergies, Part Time Travel and More!!!! Oh Yeah, and this is definitely not the blog for you if you want to learn how to travel light! 

So that was the brief synopsis! But who are we really? Well I am Raquel, a native Coloradan that got the taste for travel when I studied abroad in Ireland my Junior year of College. Which is actually where I met my Husband, Robert the second very important part of this travel blog — he is my travel partner in crime! He hails from a quintessential Irish village, located in the West coast of Co. Clare. The best and most beautiful part of Ireland….but I might be biased. 

Back to the travel bug! I have been lucky enough to have a family that loves to travel and grew up traveling for most of my life. For a long while we went to the same countries (I am def not complaining) and never really branched out until the year I went to Ireland…That was in 2012. At that point in my life I had been to seven countries and fast forward six years and that amps up to 25ish and counting countries! So, that is what I mean when I say it was not until that trip that we got the bug for travel!

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